If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone elses.
— Terry Pratchett

"I am a creative." 


A term just three short years ago I would NEVER have used to describe myself that now defines my life, my craft, and my career. I am also a dreamer, a thinker, and an avid traveler.  My most important quality, however, is that I am a doer (formerly a tryer). 

I was born with the entrepreneurial bug. Turn the clock back a few years and I was a recent graduate with a neck-tie and a corporate gig. I knew I wanted to create a brand, but didn't know quite what it was just yet. RedefineU was the coolest domain name I could find on GoDaddy and the first decent idea that came to mind was a custom-fit dress shirt start up. Then an SEO and marketing firm. THEN a web design company.

Fortunately for me and before those ideas had a chance to crash and burn, my true passion was discovered. I had bought a GoPro to document a few upcoming travel adventures with friends. Something just clicked. Shortly after realizing my love of photography and video during these trips, I decided to invest in my first dslr camera. I took it absolutely everywhere with me for the first few months (still do) and realized that rather than building a company around an idea, I should build one around a passion. RedefineU Media was born.


Since this epiphany in 2016, things have moved quickly. I have worked with brands on 3 separate continents, shot and edited countless promo videos of all types, and still have not gone to "work" a day since quitting my corporate job. 

I recently moved to and currently base out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Travel is still a huge part of my life and I am always open to travel shoots if the right opportunity presents itself. Although I have a few part-timers on staff, I am still primarily a one man show and all content is seen, touched, or edited by me to some extent. 

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RedefineU Media was and continues to be built on originality and storytelling. Join me in seeing the world through a different lens and gain a whole new appreciation for perspective.