AirBnB Travel Hacking- How To NEVER Pay The Book Now Price

The terrace of my AirBnB in Split, Croatia.

I have to be honest, without the ease and simplicity that is booking through AirBnB, life on the road would be much, MUCH more difficult. During my four month stint abroad, I have only stayed in AirBnB accommodations and swear by their service. Not only do they streamline tons of properties straight to one place, but make it easy to sort, filter, and weed out some of the less glamorous options (that one guys basement listing with the third review down mentioning a weird bathroom smell and stained pillow case) to suit your budget and needs. So through my latest experiences, trail and error, and eureka moments, here are a few quick and easy tips that will save you tons of doll hairs both at home or abroad while staying in AirBnB's.

The Longer, The Better

The longer you intend to stay at your destinations AirBnB accommodation, the more leverage you have when it comes to pricing. Many hosts offer massive discounts (20- 50% off) for stays of up to a month. Tons of hosts even offer weekly discounts for shorter stays taking a few bucks off each night, which can greatly reduce the total price. If you are planning to stay in one city for more than a couple days, my recommendation is to stay in one accommodation as long as you can and pre-book for as long as you think you will stay. This will enable you to get the best possible deal and if your plans happen to change and you want to leave a day early, most hosts are more than willing to work with you and adjust your travel dates (while still giving you the great per night deal).

Sliding Into The DM's

This is my newest tactic for getting great deals, and boy I wish I had tried it sooner. Although many hosts are offering up discounts for longer stays, a sure thing is better than nothing at all. Meaning hosts prefer making sure they are booked up and making money rather than letting an open week of availability slip by making didly squat. So before you press 'Book Now', scroll a little farther down and press 'Contact Host' to send them a quick message. The important thing to remember is to use what you got. This could be the fact that you plan to stay for an extended period of time or that you have great AirBnB reviews yourself and are a great guest (nonsmoking, quite, clean, etc.). Whatever it is, use it! It is also important to appear likable so they are more willing to accept or at least negotiate with you. This is a real example of a recent exchange I had with a host in Budapest.

I start by trying to connect with him by using a common greeting native to Hungary and Budapest. I then give a little detail about myself, why I am there, and what I like about his apartment (don't be shy in this aspect). I give him a direct number I would like to pay and explain why he should consider accepting. Then I mention that this is in fact Budapest and there are tons of other places I could choose, but I like his best. And viola. The original list price was $300 for the week before fees and I knocked $100 off of that straight away. 

There is another similar option to avoid the additional AirBnB charges and fees. You would still request how much you would like to pay for the entire stay, but ask to pay only for a one or two night stay through the actual AirBnB service and then offer to pay cash when you arrive for the rest of the stay. That way, you both save some extra coin on fees and still get a great deal. 

These are prime example of how just reaching out and trying to connect with a host can pay massive dividends long term.

Get Travel Credits

Ok, so this one is going to help out both of us. You can use my AirBnB code here- and instantly get $40 off of your very first AirBnB stay of $75 or more. And also send me $20 in credits as well. That's a win-win if I've ever seen one.

Another option is to create an AirBnB business travel account. The process of doing this is easy (anyone can do it, don't have to have any proof of business) and you get an instant $50 credited to you off of your first official "business stay". These are both on top of all the savings we already made by using the easy tips and tricks above.

And that's it! These tips are simple, yet effective and have already saved me hundreds of dollars while traveling the globe. If you have any specific questions or need some advice while booking, I would be more than happy to help out. Either shoot me an email at, or send me a DM on Instagram @ChasePrice.

Cheers for now and happy traveling!

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