The Island of The Gods- A Nomads Guide for Canggu, Bali

Wow. One month spent working, exploring, and indulging on the Island of the God's and that is the first word that comes to mind. I spent my month based in Canggu and to say the least, was not disappointed. The "Gu", as the expats call it, has a great mix of just about everything you could ever want or need for a months stay. Night life, cafes, healthy eats, tasty waves, you name it. It was also a great centralized location on the island to set up shop within reasonable scooter distance (< 2 hours) of other nearby sights and adventures. This is maybe the premiere spot on the entire planet to find that perfect storm of tropic, nomad, and social life that makes it a magnet for hipsters, digital nomads, solo travelers, and families alike. 

Working In Bali- Cafes Vs. Co-working

I gave the cafe hopping a chance, I really did. As unique and diverse as the cafe selection is within Bali, they were nearly all ill-equipped as a work space. No power plugs at tables, no cozy, quite areas to retreat to, and the staff seemed more eager to turn the table over to the next dining customer than to fill up my coffee cup. And I totally get that! So after 3 days of trying to make it work, I cracked under pressure and scooted over to The Dojo where when it comes to the islands fastest wifi (heart eyes emoji), 'lookin's for free but touchin's is gonna cost ya'. A strict no shoes policy sets the tone as soon as you walk into The Dojo. The staff is super friendly and accommodating in giving a tour of the facilities and getting you setup on the network. The facility is full of open space, free coffee, tea, water, a restaurant open daily, and oh yeah, a swimming pool right in the middle. Was incredibly productive during my time at The Dojo and would highly recommend to any remote workers staying in Bali long-term. 

Where To Stay

Ok, I may have dropped the ball on this one. I always stay in AirBnB's whenever I travel, and Bali was no exception. I stayed at a decent surfer type homestay nearby Berawa Beach area. However, I rushed into mine after I booked my flight and could have stayed in a way nicer, shared villa had I spent more time on it. There are some truly gorgeous villas in the area for reasonable monthly prices. If you know someone else in the area, reach out to them ahead of time and look into maybe sharing a villa with some new housemates. You can also join the local Facebook forum (Canggu Community) where people are constantly posting about needing roommates and rooms for rent. 

What To Do

There are honestly so many options to list under this category, I could write an entire post about just that. But I will stick with some of the must do/ see spots while staying in Bali. 

Surf- What is cooler than saying you learned to surf in one of the biggest pro surf hubs in the world? The answer is nothing. For about 350k Rupiah (26 USD) you can take surf lessons at any of the local beaches. The waves are big and tasty, but after a couple lessons, you will be out with the pros riding green waves in no time. I recommend Charlie Brown Surf School!

Ubud- The yogi capital of the world, Ubud is unique in a way that is hard to describe without experiencing it for yourself. Located in the heart of the island, Ubud is worth the visit just to see the amazing rice paddies alone. Also, make sure to visit the Yoga Barn and go to an Ecstatic Dance. It is a no talking, no alcohol dancing experience where everyone releases their inhibitions and just.. moves. Sounds crazy, but definitely something to try for yourself. 

Visit A Neighboring Island- There are a handful of smaller islands surrounding Bali that all have their own individual draws. I visited Nusa Penida, which was one of the less developed islands with not so much tourism but amazing views. I also head amazing things about Nusa Lembongan, the Gili Islands, and Lombok, so do a bit of research and figure out which is best for you!

Uluwatu- Part of the Bali experience includes visiting temples. The first and closest one I visited was Tanah Lot which was nice, but a bit underwhelming for me personally. So when I met up with a friend of mine to go explore the Uluwatu Water Temple, I was not expecting too much. When I got there, I was completely blown away. Amazing cliffside views, hidden caves, and hundreds of friendly monkeys await you at this exciting destination at the southern tip of the island.

Hike A Volcano- This is something I missed out on and am still kicking myself for. There are two massive volcanoes on the island that you can take a guide and night hike to reach the top for sunrise. Don't ask me why the hell this was not atop my to do list, still salty about it. 


Bali is a truly amazing spot and I recommend it to any fellow travelers, especially those who work remotely. The food is amazing, the place is cheap, and there are tons of like minded people there doing the same type of work. The community at The Dojo is awesome for networking with fellow digital nomads, or just meeting a few new mates to get a drink at Old Man's with. You can live comfortably at about $1,000- $1,200 / month or splurge and live like a king for $2k.

If you find yourself scheduling a trip to Indo anytime soon, please reach out and I will help in anyway I can! Send me a dm on Insta- @chaseprice or shoot me an email- Cheers and safe travels!